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SPARC: Subito Politico Artists' Retreat Collective is a 2 week, all-inclusive grant for early-career, historically marginalized and underrepresented artists who may not otherwise have access to such resources to create new work. By providing the resources of the retreat, we will encourage work made by and about diverse groups and individuals, telling authentic stories to bring our larger communities closer in connection, empathy, and understanding. 


Artists will stay in private, fully furnished apartments, and have access to three on-site studios. Transportation to and from the retreat from New York City as well as food will be provided. Artists will be paired with coaches to maximize their benefit from the retreat, meeting with their coach before, during and at the end of their two-week session.


Each day, the artists will have 9 hours of private studio time, as well as prepared group dinners, allowing the concurrent, multidisciplinary artists to discuss their challenges, successes, and experiences with each other.


Toward the end of each two-week session, SPARC will host a Community Share in which the artists will share some aspect of their work with the public. 


Subito Politico Artists' Retreat Collective (SPARC) is our response to the lack of diversity in the highest ranks of art. For example, in Broadway's 2016-2017 season, 95% of all Broadway productions were written by Caucasian playwrights, in which 71% of actors who were cast in those productions were Caucasian as well. This, of course, is highly disproportionate to New York City's residents, only 44% of which are Caucasian. 


SPARC is getting at the heart of the problem by building opportunities for a change to be enacted, focusing at the beginning with source artists. The cost of creating art can be a high barrier for entry, preventing meaningful work from being created by those lacking the resources, often times, those from marginalized communities. SPARC is here to break the cyclical nature of what art gets funded and developed.


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